The ADRAP Disease Reporting Fellowship for African Journalists is a comprehensive six-week program aimed at enhancing the reporting skills of journalists covering health and related topics in Africa. The fellowship is specifically designed to equip journalists with the knowledge and expertise to effectively report on scientific aspects of diseases prevalent in Africa.  

Every year, ten (10) journalists from Africa will have the opportunity to participate in this hands-on fellowship. During the program, participants will engage with scientists, experienced journalists, and health experts through practical training sessions. These sessions go beyond the basics of journalism, communications, and global health reporting, preparing journalists to disseminate information across various media platforms, including print, online, broadcast, social, and digital media.

To facilitate their participation, each fellow will receive a modest stipend to cover travel expenses and accommodation. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a certificate, acknowledging their achievement and commitment to advancing health reporting in Africa.


The hands-on Fellowship program is specifically designed for early to mid-career journalists, particularly those reporting on health topics in Africa. The program has a two-fold objective:

  • Firstly, it aims to eliminate biases often associated with disease reporting in Africa. To achieve this, the program focuses on building the capacity of African journalists to identify and report on diseases and health issues from well-informed perspectives.
  • Secondly, the program is meticulously structured to bridge the knowledge gap in health reporting. It accomplishes this by providing selected participants with exposure to the latest tools and techniques for in-depth reporting on various aspects of health, including social aspects of diseases, scientific developments, management strategies, policies, research focus, and more, all from an African perspective.