Our History

Africa Diseases Prevention and Research Development Initiative (ADRAP) is a non governmental organization incorporated in Nigeria in 2013 with the aim of creating and sustaining a world class institution that supports the implementation of topical and outcomes driven human diseases research, health care system intervention and continuous medical education as well as the use of innovative learning techniques to continually impact knowledge.

At ADRAP, we continue to drive quality in all we do and this has made quality outcomes our guiding principle


Our objectives includes providing health related services including direct diseases intervention and health systems strengthening. Organizing and executing continuous health education programs including short courses, workshops, etc, through innovative teaching and learning methods. Supporting and undertaking human subject research with the aim of enriching knowledge and positively influencing health outcomes. Publishinf periodicals including scientific journals and newsletters.

Looking for Learning and Development, Research, Interventions


We are focused on continuing professional education using mixed, online and physical, methods in collaboration with world class educational institutions and industry partners


Our research efforts aims to collaborate and directly engage in productive research that will positively impact human health outcomes as well as change existing perspectives.


We collaborate with governments, donor agencies and communities, to implement health intervention programs including infectious and neglected tropical diseases, non communicable diseases and health systems projects.