Program Scope and Components

Duration: 3 Months (Online, with one-week in-person event in Abuja)

Two (2) weeks before commencement of programme

Unit 1: Foundations of Health Journalism

Unit 2: Health Literacy, Research and Disease Reporting

Unit 1: Fellows share and discuss stories (drafts) with assigned mentors

Unit 2: Discussion to focus on Contextual Reporting of epidemics and pandemics in Africa  (COVID-19 case study)

Unit 3: Reporting emerging infectious and non-communicable diseases in Africa (Focus on Ebola and Post – partum hemorrhage)

Unit 1: Malaria in Africa – The unresolved and emerging issues.

Unit 2: Growing incidence of Hypertension in Africa – The underlying and emerging challenges.

Unit 1: TB – The issues, the gaps, the media coverage, etc.

Unit 2: Metabolic Diseases in Africa – the Case of Diabetes.

Unit 3: Traditional, Complementary and Alternative medicine as the emerging and prevalent alternative in Disease management in Africa

Unit 1: Relevance of Data Journalism in Disease Reporting

Unit 2: Multimedia and Storytelling

Day 1: Arrival (Sunday) – Fellows welcome Dinner with ADRAP CEO, facilitators, partners, etc. for familiarization

Day 2: Monday – Keynote speakers addresses major health topics

Day 3: Hospital Management of Diseases in Africa

Day 4: Traditional Medicine – Emerging trends and prospects for disease control in Africa

Day 5: Visits to Institute for Human Virology in Nigeria (IHVN) and Port Health (Airport)

Day 6: Final Graduation and presentation of Projects synopsis by Fellows

Day 7: Departure

Additional Resources and Activities:

– Mentorship sessions with experienced health journalists.
– Field trips to healthcare facilities and research centers.
– Guest lectures by experts in the field of health journalism.
– Opportunities for collaborative projects and articles.