Dr. Joseph Enegela. MBBS, PGD, FRSPH

Board Member

Dr. Joseph Enegela is the founder of Africa Diseases Prevention and Research Development Initiative.

With extensive experience HIV/AIDS management and programming, as well as intervention programs in tuberculosis. Dr. Joseph’s research interests also include the Hepatitis C and B viruses, and implementation programs.

He obtained his MBBS from Ahmadu Bello University and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health and Infectious Disease from the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Joseph has also had extensive training on anti-retroviral therapy in low-income countries from the Institute of Tropical medicine Antwerp as well as clinical experience in HIV/AIDS management from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health UK and Certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine, he has served in various positions on the AIDS Relief grant under the University of Maryland School of Medicine Nigeria program, Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research and is currently Deputy Project Director and Senior Technical Advisor on the IPSAN grant with Pro-Health International.